Nini Maana ya software/program za wizi?
Hizi ni software za computer ambazo hazijapatikana kufuata utaratibu uliowekwa na mtengenezaji wa software hizo.

Njia za kupata software hizi.
  • kuwekewa na mtu asiyeaminika bila kununua kwa pesa halali software hiyo.
  • Kushusha/download programu hiyo  kutoka kwenyesehemu isiyoaminika kwenye Programu  internet.
  1. Programu hiyo inaweza kufanya kazi kwa kiwango kidogo kuliko kilichokusudiwa na mtengenezaji kwa sababu ya kuharibiwa ili iweze kuruhusu watu wengi kutumia bila kununua.
  2. Programu hiyo mara nyingi huweza kuingia na virus kutoka kwenye internet na kuharibu computer yako.
  3. wewe unaye download hizi programu za wizi unaweza kugundulika na kukamatwa hata kufungiwa vitu vyako kwenye internet na watu wenye mamlaka husika, mfano kwenye nchi kama Uingereza unaweza kukamatwa pale pale ulipo pindi unaanza kudownload programu hiyo ya wizi. Adhabu ni faini ya pesa nyingi au kifungo.
  4. Programu hizi kutokana na kuharibiwa kwenye mfumo wake ili isidai uhalali wa mtumiaji huwez kuharibika/ crashing muda wowote na kupotea na data/taarifa zako zote muhimu.
  5. Unasaidia kuchochea uharibifu wa mali za watu kwa ujumla.

Ni muhimu sana kununua programu/software kwa usalama wako binafsi na mali zako na pia kwa maadili mema.
ECL Computer Clinic Advice.

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1: Batteries have "memory"
Nope. Not at all. People used to think that you had to "train" your battery to make sure it would take the most charge. To do that, people would drain it regularly and charge it -- and they'd never plug it in when it was over 50%. The thought was that over time, the battery would develop a memory and allow for just a percentage of the charge. This is not true. If your battery is at 80%, top that baby off. Frequent charges will do no damage to your battery.
2: Off-brand chargers will damage your battery
Although some off-brand chargers aren't optimal (and some even take longer to charge the battery), they will not harm it, as long as the charger is working properly. This means it's perfectly okay to run to Target and buy that cheap charger to replace the factory charger that came with your phone. The one exception to this is the charger that shipped with your Droid Turbo. Make sure, when looking for a replacement, you find one made specifically for that device; otherwise, you won't enjoy the 15-minute charge time that delivers eight hours of usage.
3: Charging your phone overnight will damage your battery
False. Most smartphones are now "smart" enough to know when a battery is at capacity and will stop charging. However, there is one thing you can do to extend the life of your battery. Instead of charging your phone all night, every night, try keeping it charged between 40% and 80% most of the time. This will ensure the longest possible life from that battery. If you can leave it unplugged overnight (every so often), do so.
4: Don't use your phone while it charges
People seem to think that using a phone while it charges will have a negative impact on the quality of charge the battery gets. But unless you're using a low-quality knock-off charger, this is not remotely true. Your battery will charge as expected whether or not you use the device. Think about it this way. With smartphones, chances are the only way there is no syncing of data (in one way or another) is if the phone is off. So even when you aren't literally using your phone, your phone is using your phone and data is being synced. So go ahead and use that phone while it charges.
5: Turning off your phone can damage your battery
Nah. There isn't even the slightest truth to this. Of course, if you leave your phone off for an extended period of time, the battery will drain (that's the nature of batteries). But it is perfectly fine to shut that device off every once in a while. You can even shut the device off and (if applicable) remove the battery if you like. No harm will come to the battery. In fact, for some devices, a simple reboot can help to restore battery functionality. So even though that Android device runs perfectly fine day in and day out, give it a break now and then.
6: You should always charge your phone to full before first using it
Many people think that the first thing they should do with a new smartphone is plug it in and charge it to 100%. This is simply a myth. Remember, smartphone batteries work best between 40% to 80%, and since most phones ship at half capacity, you should be good to go out of the box. As a side note: If you fire up your new smartphone for the first time and the battery is below 40%, you might want to consider taking it back because that battery could be very old.
7: Putting your battery in the freezer will extend its life
I remember that back in the 80s, we placed batteries in the freezer for a short period to try to get a bit more life out of them. It didn't work then and it won't work now. In fact, Li-Ion batteries are negatively affected by both heat and cold. Room temperature is always the best temperature for your smartphone battery. Remember, those devices already get hot, so there's no need to expose them to extra heat -- and cold is an enemy of Li-Ion batteries.
Also, make sure you store your device somewhere with airflow. My wife used to place her phone in a sealed plastic baggie when she road her mountain bike. Yes, it's good to prevent moisture from getting into the device. But sealing all that heat in will affect both the phone and the battery. A word of caution: Heat is much more damaging to batteries than cold is.
8: Using the internet will run down the battery faster than anything else
Not true.* The single most draining thing you can do on your smartphone is gaming. The graphics engines are massive energy drainers. If you game a lot on your devices, dim the screen as much as you can while playing (if you want to extend your battery life). But if you can play that game while charging, go ahead and keep that screen at full brightness.
* This also depends upon what you are using the internet for. If you're viewing videos through YouTube, online gaming, or doing other graphics-intensive activities, it will drain your battery faster.
9: Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS will prolong your battery
In and of itself, this is false. The only time these services actually drain your battery is if they are in use. So having Bluetooth turned on, when you're not using a Bluetooth device, isn't going to drain your battery any more than having Wi-Fi on when you're not accessing the network. Yes, they may pull an insignificant amount of energy from your battery, but they will not drain it over the course of a day. If you're really concerned about getting as much life as possible from your battery, dim your screen.
10: Task managers help prolong your battery life
As much as I hate to say it, third-party task managers do nothing for battery life that the built-in system can't handle. Yes, those task managers can whitelist/blacklist tasks. But in the end, they really don't help your battery any more than the built-in system. You might want to employ a task manager to better control your apps, but don't assume that third-party manager will extend the life of your battery any better than the default tool.
A better approach
Smartphone batteries and smartphone usage of those energy cells get better every year. But those old-school (and some "new school") misconceptions simply need to die off. With just the slightest consideration, your battery will last you a long time.
By Jack Wallen.
There's still plenty to learn when it comes to getting more juice from a charge and extending your battery's overall life.
So, yes, there are tips that most of us know:
  1. Dim your screen.
  2. Minimize background processes.
  3. Don't use the CD/DVD drive.
  4. Disable your wireless antenna when not in use.
But there's still a lot you may not know about battery technology and the things that both help and hinder your laptop's juicebox.....readmore

The greatest capital that a professional have is knowledge.

Here are some tips about Professionals

1.      A professional finds his profession in everywhere he goes, actually a professional finds his life in his profession.

2.      A Professional is being developed through a process of learning but not studying.

3.      A University Graduate in not necessarily a professional as the same as a college degree to renounce you as a professional.

4.      Difference between university level and secondary school level is in the way of getting knowledge as “Secondary school requires a student to study mostly but the university level requires a student to learn 100% of the time”.

5.      A college is a ground to develop visions, plans and ways of how to incorporate your professional knowledge into them.

6.      Always measure, refine your knowledge to fit the current professional environment.

7.      Sometimes the knowledge provided by the university may be old and outdated but it is there to teach the foundation of the current application of it.

Differences in lifestyle between normal graduate and a professional graduate both while in College.

Professional Graduate
He is much concerned with test scores and GPAs rather than profession.
He is much concerned with profession rather than GPAs and test scores.

He is waiting for the last year to graduate so that people can call him a professional.
He constantly check himself to see what he is gaining and how can he survive with what he have already

He mix a lot with civilians or other students to the point of losing sight in his studies.
He dedicate more of his time to understand more about the profession.

He jokes a lot about the course and keep complaining about how hard the course is.
He takes the hardships of the course as the challenge to master it.

He don’t have his vision rested in hic course or he don’t check the importance of course in accomplishing his vision.
He build his vision in relation to his course

There is extra price to pay, if a student want to become a professional graduate, to become a professional graduate;
·        You need to be updated all the time in the internet reading and exploring the world of your profession.
·        You need to do researches (personal) on your society and how you can apply what you have.
·        You need to dedicate twice the amount of time that the others are dedicating in the course, be a champion pay the price.
·        You need to respect the college and all its staffs so that you don’t waste time fighting with them and keeping you pre occupied with supplimentaries.
·        You need God to make it to professionalism and mostly your professionalism to be important in your life…and because other features of professionalism are related to godliness i.e. truthful, hardworking.
·        You need to quit too much fooling around with friends and groups and concentrate on yourself and the course.
·        You need to eat well and do exercises so that you can be creative.
“A professional must be creative”
“Creativity lives and dwells in a refreshed mind”
“You need discipline to become a good professional, the right kind of discipline is found in God, all things money, wealth are temporary and cannot satisfy you, even if you have billions still you won’t be satisfied, because things that satisfy us are priceless and  can only  be provided by God, without being satisfied by God, you will try to find satisfaction in more wealth and that will corrupt you and soon you will fall.”
“A good professional is temperate in all things”
By Elisante shibanda.
Founder Of ECL Computer Clinic.

Hakiki Muonekano wa computer wa njee ukikagua kwa makini michubuko na mipasuko maana inaweza leta shida baadaye.
Washa hiyo computer na iwake hadi mwisho usinunue computer ambayo haiwaki kwa kigezo cha kuaminiana.
Hakiki screen yako, mara kadhaa computer huwa zinauzwa na screen ambazo zinakwenda kuharibika, cheki katika screen yako kama kuna mistari yeyote ambayo haibadiliki na vile ambavyo vinaendelea ndani ya computer.
Baada ya computer kuwaka hakiki ukubwa wa hard drive/harddisk/ storage au uhifadhi wa computer kama ndio ule ule ambao umetajiwa.

Hakiki speed ya computer kwa kufungua vitu mbalimbali kama speed ya kucheza videos na hata kufunga na kufungua mafaili au fata maelekezo ambayo umeonyeshwa hapo chini, speed  yenyewe hupimwa katika MB(megabyte) na GB(Gigabyte) .
Hakiki uwezo wa kuingiza charge na muda wa kukaa na charge kwa kukubaliana na muuzaji jinsi ya kutambua muda huo udanganywe kwa jinsi computer ilivyoandika katika tab area...

Kwa ushauri zaidi tupigie....
ECL Computer Clinic-Consultancy Services.

Kutokana na kuongezeka kwa matumizi ya Laptop,  na  kuingia kwa Tablet kumeleta maswali katika ununuzi wa hivi vitu, je ni bora  kununua laptop au tablet...
Hebu tuangalia features(Tabia) za vitu hivi ambazo zinajitenganisha na kingine.


Ports and Peripherals 

Hizi ni sehemu za kuweza kuungaanisha vifaa muhimu vya uhifadhi kama external hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, HDMI, kwa laptop ina uwezo wa mkubwa wa kuunganishwa na vifaa hivi na kuweza kufanya navyo kazi kupitia sehemu hizi ambazo tablet hazina.


 Uhifadhi wa laptop ni mkubwa sana ukilinganisha na tablet, ukianzia uwezo mdogo kabisa wa laptop ni 500GB mpaka TB 2 na kuzidi, ambapo kwa tablet huwa ni 128GB.



Huu ni uwezo wa computer kcheza kitu mabcho kinatumia graphics kubwa mfano: Computer games, Graphics Design kwa shughuli kama hizi bado laptop ina uwezo mkubwa wa kucheza kwa graphics kubwa sana kuliko Tablet.

Fast Processors.

Uwezo wa ukokotoaji (Processing Speed) wa laptop ni mkubwa sana ukilinganisha na uwezo wa tablet. Mfano: Gaming 
Mfano: Designing kwa kutumia  Adobe packages.

Easy Typing and Navigation.

  Kama una kazi ndefu ya kufanya siku nzima keyboard ya laptop ni bora zaidi kuliko keyboard ya touch screen ya tablet kwa maana keyboard ya tablet imetengenezwa kwa ajili ya  kuandika maneno mafupi mafupi kama status za kwenye mitandao ya jamii.


Huu ni uwezo wa kufanya mambo mengi kwa wakati mmoja ambao unategemea sana uwezo wa ukokotoaji(Processing speed) kwa upande wa laptop kutokana na kuwa na nafasi ya kutosha imeweza kutumia processor zenye uwezo mkubwa sana kushinda za tablets.

Security and less Fragile nature.

Laptop ni vigumu kuibiwa sio kama tablet kwa hiyo ni hatari sana kuhifadhi vitu vingi kwenye tablet ambayo inaweza kuibiwa kwa urahisi na vilevile laptop haiwezi haribika kwa uharaka kama tablets. Uharibifu huu ni kama kuvunjika na uharibifu mwingine.


Cheap Price/Bei rahisi.

Tablet huuzwa kwa bei ndogo ukilinganisha na laptop, lakini zile zinazokaribia uwezo wa computer huuzwa kwa bei ya juu sana.

Easy Navigation/Rahisi kutumia.

Kutumia tablet ni rahisi sana kuliko kutumia computer/laptop kwa sababu ya urahisi wa kutumia Touch Screen.



Unaweza kutembea na tablet na kuitumia kokote kule na kwa haraka zaidi kuliko unavyoweza kutumia laptop.


Kutokana na kuwepo  kwa vifaa kama power banks Tablet zimeziacha nyuma laptop katika utunzaji wa chaji kwa sababu zinaweza kuwa recharged mara moja na hizo power banks.

Buying and Consuming media.

Ni rahisi sana kununua na kutumia vitu kama Music, videos, softwares kwa kutumia tablet kuliko kwa kutumia laptop kutokana na urahisi wa mifumo ya tablet.


Madhumuni ya watengenezaji ya vitu hivi hayakuwa kimoja kuchukua nafasi ya kingine bali vyote vitumike kwa wakati mmoja kwa maana haiwezekani kimoja kuchukua nafasi ya kingine moja kwa moja bila kuteshekeleza kazi ambayo kingine kingefanya kwa urahisi zaidi...kwa hiyo ni bora kuwa navyo vyote sema sio lazima.
"Ukitaka kufanya kazi, nunua laptop"
"Ukitaka kufurahia internet  na kuongea na marafiki na ndugu kwenye mitandao ya kijamii nunua tablet

ECL Computer Clinic    


The Facts Of Time quite Interesting.. :) 
  • Social media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the web.
  • Mothers with children under the age of 5 are the most active on social media...
  • 75 percent of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours....Read More